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New Board Structure & arrangements for the LSCB!

Following the Wood Report 2016  the following recommendations were put into place:

  1. To replace the existing statutory arrangements for LSCBs and introduce a new statutory framework for multi-agency arrangements for child protection.
  2. To require all areas to move towards new multi-agency arrangements for protecting children within a prescribed period. Local areas/regions would need to establish a plan which would describe how services would:
  • Meet the new statutory framework;
  • be coordinated;
  • be led by senior officials;
  • be evaluated for their effectiveness;
  • involve a role for independent scrutiny;
  • engage with children and young people; and
  • be held to account.

The existing legislative framework underpinning LSCBs should cease to operate as new arrangements come into being.

  1. To require the three key agencies, namely health, police and local authorities, in an area they determine, to design multi-agency arrangements for protecting children, underpinned by a requirement to work together on the key strategic issues set out in this report and referenced in recommendation 2.
  2. For new statutory arrangements to require health, local authorities and the police to make clear their leadership responsibility for multi-agency arrangements, to include the identification of a chief officer in each of the agencies to have responsibility and authority for ensuring full collaboration with those statutory arrangements.
  3. For government to provide guidance on: A) Drawing up a local proposal to provide strategic multi-agency arrangements to protect children. B) The meaning of the terms Child Protection, Safeguarding and Wellbeing, clarifying the part of this spectrum to be covered in multi-agency statutory arrangements.
  4. For government departments (Department of Health, Department for Education, the Department for Communities and Local Government and the Home Office) to provide a clear, joint statement explaining their commitment to multi-agency arrangements and explaining how all local partners will be supported and required to play a full and committed role.



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The Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) is Timba Kanengoni.

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