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Wecome from the Chair

Welcome to the Website of St Helens Safeguarding Children Board.

Each Local Authority area is required by law to set up a Board which brings together all major organisations responsible for delivering services to children and young people. The purpose of the Board is to co-ordinate what is done by each agency to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in the area, and to ensure that this work is
effective. We have a legal responsibility to monitor and scrutinise the work of all agencies and partners, and to challenge poor practice where it is identified.

In St Helens the Board is call the St Helens Safeguarding Children Board. (St Helens LSCB).

Every Board is required to have an Independent Chairperson, who is responsible for holding all agencies to account, and who should work closely with all partners, and particularly the Director of Children's Services.

 In St Helens the Independent Chair is Susan Richardson


Welcome from the Chair:

'As Independent Chair of St Helens Safeguarding Children Board I am totally committed

to ensuring that all partners on the Board work together to safeguard children and young

people within the Borough. 


In St Helens we have a long history of effective partnership working, but we can never be

complacent about the protection of our children and young people. We know that safeguarding

cannot be carried out effectively unless there is continuous and consistent good communication

and joint working between all those involved in working with children.  


Safeguarding is also not just for those professionals working directly with children and young

people - it is the responsibility of everyone who has contact with children and young people in the

Borough. We all have a collective responsibility to keep children and young people safe.


As Independent Chair I am determined to ensure that we constantly challenge our policy and practice,

and do all that we can to prevent harm of any kind to children and young people and to promote

their wellbeing.  Nothing is more important than the safety and wellbeing of our children and young



Susan Richardson


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